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Summer 2022
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The DTB allows the system designer to effectively coordinate protection while keeping total project costs in check. The DTE is enhanced with patented Frequency Discriminating (FD) technology, which continues to function at a high level, even after sustained and abnormal over-voltage events. The DTA has the lowest possible VPR combined with a robust high peak surge current rating.
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The SF160 Surge Filter's dual functionality is ideal for Critical Operations Power Systems. The noise filter, designed to remove high frequency transients and noise on the power distribution system, adds another level of protection for sensitive loads.
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Tour Championship was suspended during the third round due to vicious lightning strike at East Lake that injured multiple people.… More
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Romulus McNeill came within an arm's length of disaster in Adrian, S.C. during a thunderstorm this week - and the video is something you have to see to believe.… More
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Residents of Southern California witnessed a powerful display of lightning when over 2,000 lightning strikes hit the area from Santa Barbara to LA County… More
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Ben Franklin’s studies in the fields of electricity and lightning led him to invent the basic lightning rod and many of the structural lightning protection….More
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Sometimes they’ll keep clothing, the strips of shirt of trousers that weren’t cut away and discarded by the doctors and nurses. They’ll tell and retell their story….More
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CNN's Holly Firfer shares the best ways to stay safe and avoid being hit by lightning in a thunderstorm.More
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The utility sector is vital to national, state, and local economies - provide thousands of jobs and billions in revenue worldwide….More
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Visitors waiting for a fireworks show at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park experienced a different kind of light show. An incoming storm delayed Friday night fireworks.….More
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Within the next few years, experts are predicting a severe shortage and increasing demand for skilled electrical technicians here in the United States….More
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When a photographer is at the right place at the right time, a lightning show can be absolutely magical. Seattle photographer Tim Durkan remembers the time….More
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When lightning struck 44 Army Rangers this week in Florida, leaving 11 in the hospital, jaws must have dropped. What are the odds….More
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It’s the kind of in-flight problem that can give fliers a jolt - and we’re not talking about turbulence. We’re talking about airplanes that get hit by lightning mid-flight….More
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Lightning strikes in the United States are almost six times more likely to kill a man than a woman, according to recently released data from the federal….More
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A weather airman who issues warnings when lightning strikes take place within five miles of an air base here knows the danger. He’s a lightning strike survivor….More
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There are few things in nature more awe inspiring that an intense electrical storm, complete with flashes of lightning so brilliant they can turn night into day….More

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