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An analysis of the changing construction of facility landscape and how to protect your investment, work, and workforce in the 21st Century
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Copper theft costs American businesses nearly $1 Billion in losses annually. [1]
- US Department of Energy estimate
The utility sector is vital to national, state, and local economies - providing thousands of jobs and billions in revenue worldwide. This sector fuels every facet of the global economy and is critical to economic development and growth. As a result, the steady and uninterrupted flow of electricity is of absolute importance to ensure critical infrastructure is not disrupted.
Copper is the global standard for electrical connectivity due to its high current carrying capacity compared to most metals. Copper is also often used as the metal won’t break or stretch easily yet is malleable enough to provide the movement and form fitting attributes necessary in some applications.
With construction booms in developing nations across the globe, demand has increased significantly in recent years for copper. The international copper trade makes it easier for thieves to sell the metal, increasing the incentive for theft. As global construction increases, the threat of copper theft is likely to increase even further in the next decade.

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