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The Department of Energy subscribes to the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN), developed and operating by Viasala…More
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(CNN) With a harsh, desert climate and an average rainfall of just four inches (10 cm) a year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) needs more freshwater…More
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One of the more common problems that we encounter involves the addition of isolated ground electrodes (rods) as a way of preventing electrical equipment failure… More
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The SPD schematic shown here can be marketed with a number of different Peak Surge Current Ratings…More
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All new and renovated homes are required to be protected by Listed and Approved Type 1 or Type 2 Surge Protective Devices….More
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Apple, Apple, Apple! Imagine screaming that in frustration. I wish there was a different fruity company to lead the tech revolution…More
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The utility sector is vital to national, state, and local economies - provide thousands of jobs and billions in revenue worldwide….More
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The RJ45 CAT6 PoE X Surge Protector is designed for outdoor RJ45 connected Ethernet applications using Power Over Ethernet and high speed… More
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The explosive growth of both users and mobile devices has pushed 4F capacity to its limits. The emerging 5G network architecture will provide….More
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The NEC continues to evolve and improve code requirements for surge protection. Changes to NEC 2017 focused on the protection of systems….More

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