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Opportunity: Critical Shortage of Skilled Workers Needed For Technology Boom…
Within the next few years, experts are predicting a severe shortage and increasing demand for skilled electrical technicians here in the United States. The booming electrical construction and services industry is experiencing a significant decline in numbers of properly trained workers. Training and education programs that would normally replenish the supply of skilled workers are currently experiencing declining enrollment.
The basic laws of supply and demand will cause the pay scale pendulum to swing in favor of electrical technicians as the increasing demand for electrical services is coupled with this shortage in supply of skilled workers. With high quality jobs disappearing quickly, and with the only jobs left usually low skill and low paying retail, food service, laborer, etc… What we have is a tremendous opportunity for the right individuals looking to position themselves today for a strong future and a rewarding career tomorrow.
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Electrician Apprenticeship Programs provide the best opportunity to learn electrical systems from concept to completion. Trained electrical technicians can demand top pay and benefits while becoming indispensable to the industry. If you are interested in participating in the technological revolution… the time is now.

Contact our office (772-219-0045) if you are looking for an electrical apprenticeship program in your area.

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