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Not having proper guard against copper theft puts your infrastructure and workforce at great risk.
Copper theft presents multiple issues for businesses - the gravest of which is the possibility of the death of someone coming in contact with a compromised electrical system. Every year, people die of electrocution due to exposed wiring and currents not being diverted after copper has been stolen from utilities and other locations. Stolen copper can also be costly to replace; the US Department of Energy estimates that copper theft can cost more than 10 times its initial cost to repair. [3]. This is due to the replacement cost, down time, additional labor, and other costs that add up to far beyond the actual cost of the copper itself.
Copper theft doesn’t only cost you in replacement time and money but also in system reliability. The potential impact of power outages due to copper theft can effect critical local infrastructure through service disruptions and reduced system output.
As a result, it is essential for utilities and companies to take effective safeguards in their copper infrastructure.
Potential strategies to prevent copper theft include:
SECURITY: The most obvious solution to combat copper theft and protect your investment is growing your security force. However, bulking up your security can be costly and cut into your revenue on a daily basis.
MARKING: Marking each cable can serve as a method to capture thieves once they try to sell the copper. However, doing so is an after-the-fact method and won’t stop thieves from walking away with your copper.
ALARM SYSTEMS: Alarm systems specifically exist for protecting copper cables. However, by the time an alarm is signaled it can be too late to catch the theft in progress - allowing thieves to make off with the stolen copper.
ERICO® has engineered a new solution to combat copper theft with even more features of protection than traditional methods provide.
ERICO® CU-BOND Composite Cables function as copper conductors, but appear to be non-copper conductors and are difficult to cut and steal. These conductors are ideal for exposed electrical distribution grounding leads where copper theft may occur. Theft deterrent conductors offer a solution to safeguard your facility’s copper infrastructure. In addition, the conductors are compatible with ERICO® CADWELD® PLUS welded electrical connections.
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