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Installation Instructions:
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SP, SP160, and SP320 SPD installation instructions
SF160 and SF320 Surge Filter installation instructions
FDS DIN mounted SPD installation instructions
FDA, FDB & FDC Compact Panel SPD installation instructions
FDF Filter installation instructions
RJ45C6POE Installation Instructions   
DD Series DIN mounted Data SPD installation instructions
DTE, DTB, and DTA SPD installation instructions
December 3rd 2021, Florida National University
White Papers:
"How To Protect Your House and It's Contents from Lightning". Omega Power, Duke Power, Panamax, Eaton Corp., and Square D are the five sponsors of this IEEE Document. May not be copied or reproduced without permission from any one of the five sponsors listed or IEEE.
A visual application guide for our Power Surge products.
Written for the Auburn University and the Insurance industry, this short paper summarizes the basics of surge suppression and proper grounding practice when protecting electrical equipment.
Describes the materials and installation requirements for Surge Protective Devices.
FDB and FDC Modular Panel SPD installation instructions
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do Surge Suppressors Save Energy?
This is simply NOT possible. Surges and lightning transients are very rapid impulses of energy that are too fast for the typical electric meter…. Click to Read More
Do lightning rods protect electrical equipment?
When Ben Franklin invented the first lightning rods, his sole purpose was to stop tall wood buildings from burning to the ground after a strike…. Click to Read More
My plug in surge suppressor comes with a Connected Load Guarantee. What does that mean?
Anything 'Connected' to the suppressor is guaranteed! Imagine you could purchase a product that says it provides up to $ 5,000,000 guarantee…. Click to Read More
Does UL Certify Surge Suppression Performance Claims Made by Manufacturers?
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tests all surge suppressors for safety but not performance. For many years, the safety issues surrounding suppression…. Click to Read More

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